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Hume U3A, in line with Goverment regulations, will not be running any group activities. Hence we will not be accepting new memberships at this time as new members will not get any value for their membership fees.

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Courses are not running due to the Coronavirus lockdown. We offer a range of courses and activities, of varying lengths, that are held in venues throughout our area.

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    ABC iView has released a number of concerts for you to enjoy at home. Here are some titles: Plays: Geoffrey Atherden’s Liberty Equality FraternityDavid Williamson’s Emerald CityMary Rachel Brown’s The Dapto Chaser Ballet: The Australian Ballet presents La SylphideGraeme Murphy’s Romeo and Juliet, performed by The Australian Ballet Orchestral Music: Beethoven Symphony No.5: Australian Chamber […]


  • May 2020 Newsletter

    Our May 2020 Newsletter in Covid times has been published and emailed out to members. Copies for members who do not use computers will be distributed soon. Note that only active members will be emailed the newsletter. If you haven’t yet renewed your membership, you can still download a copy from our website. Or directly […]


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    A guide to making sense of a problem that is now too big for any one person to fully comprehend. Ed Yong, science writer, writes in The Atlantic Magazine (US) about the Coronavirus. It is a long article and covers the virus, research, information, interpreting numbers, the experts, and much more.