Xmas in July 2016

Xmas in July Lunch and Dance

A very enjoyable lunch and dance was held on Sunday 3 July at Lynda Blundell Centre. Just over 100 people attended. There was a two course meal, and a one-man band – Bazza.

For lunch, main course consisted of roast ham, smoked turkey and braised chicken, with a boiled potato, coleslaw and various salads. Dessert was sticky date pudding with ice cream, custard or cream.

Finally, a raffle was conducted with many prize winners.

Our committee would like to thank Anne de Gabrielle for creating the idea of a dance for U3A Hume. Thanks also to Choi Foong for organising the lunch, food preparation and direction on the day. There were a number of key helpers who also deserve thanks for their work in food preparation, event setup, and cleanup. These wonderful people are: Evelyn Lazarus, Lorraine Ievans, Gloria Taylor, Nola Alexander, Liz Munro, Boon Chan, Peter Lazarus, and Andy de Gabrielle. The front desk and raffle was supported by Lin Fong, Norma Dugard, and Chris Van Ross, and the raffle announcer was Fred Van Ross.

Go to the gallery to view more photos from the day.