Quilts for Charity

On the 21st April 2016 Hume U3A Inc. celebrated their 21st Birthday. This was celebrated at the Gladstone Park Community Centre.Quilts1

The patchwork group was asked to put on a display of the beautiful Quilts they produce for the birthday. Rather than just sit there they decided that they would put on a demonstration of how to make a quilt from beginning to finish. The class donated their precious fabric from their stashes. They cut and sewed and made small Quilts 24”x24” for the babies that are born prematurely.

At the last count nearly 50 have been made and individual members will continue to make them until the end of this term.

I would like to thank the ladies for donating their time, fabric and their energy. Also the craft group for providing the wadding for these quilts.Quilts2

The patchwork group is lead by Sheila Clapson. Sheila who only came to tutor for 6 weeks 21 years ago. She has made quilters of all the ladies that attend her Thursday class. Sheila makes larger quilts and donates them to the Cystic Fibrosis children at the Children’s Hospital. The patch work group support other charities as well. This month they will be taking part in the biggest morning tea, hosted by Jean Campbell’s class.