November Sausage Sizzle

A very busy day on Saturday 16 November! We were a bit short staffed. And there were many more customers! The queue of patient people sometimes stretched from the sausage tent all the way back to the Bunnings door. The nice weather brought out the gardeners and handymen.

It was a profitable day, and our volunteers certainly worked very hard. Our profit for the day was $1386. We sold 720 sausages, 48 cans of Coke, plus various other Coke cans. Busy, busy, busy. It was so busy no one had time to take a photo of our operation.

Thanks go to Dawn and Ken Daws, Val Kojevnikov, Cheryl McCallum, Jenny Brodie, Gladis Lumisi, Margaret Skellett, Marilyn Rohweder and Julie McPherson. Special thanks must be paid to Patricia and Dick Radenkovic and Maria Malacria who, in addition to their usual two hour shift over the busy lunchtime period 12 noon to 2 pm, worked for half the next shift until 3pm. Without their assistance we would not have raised so much.

And I must thank myself. Usually I start out at 8am by delivering the food and equipment, and helping set up. Then I come back at 2pm for the final shift, clean-up and packing up. But we were so busy, that I stayed on from 11am for the rest of the day. We kept running out of stock and I had multiple trips to the supermarket for more sauce, more sausages, more bread, napkins and cooking oil.

Peter Lazarus