New Courses!

Android Tablets

The Android Tablet course will be starting again this term. Beginning Friday 16 February and ending on 30 March, the course will be held in the White room starting at 10.00 am.




Music and singing get-together will also start in February. The first class is on Monday 12 February and continues weekly to the end of term. The start time is 12 midday.

Bring any instrument you can play or are learning to play and join others in the white room.
You don’t NEED to play well just be ready to exchange ideas and have fun.
Who knows what might be created, maybe a seniors super group, “The Strolling Bones”?
It won’t matter what type of instrument you bring, just bring along an enjoyment of music too.
I’m sure the more experienced musos will be more than willing to help inexperienced players.
Any members who are budding vocalists will be very welcome. We know you’re out there we’ve heard you.
Come along and let’s see what what we can accomplish in first term. Let’s have some real fun with music.