How to use Zoom for Virtual Classes

Tutors, some of your classes can resume on the Internet.

Would you like your class to resume? There is an application called Zoom which can be used to stream video and audio to attendees.

Your class can resume using the Internet and computer equipment. You can join an online class using your computer or iPad or Android tablet, or your smart phone. It is easier to join an online class using an iPad or Android tablet or smart phone that it is with a computer. This is because these devices already have a speaker, microphone and camera built in.

Here is a website that explains how to use Zoom. Tutors, please note, you do not have to create a free account to use Zoom. U3A Hume has an account which will be used to run classes. Only tutors requre access to an account.

Installing software

Read sections 2 and 3 found on the Zoom explanation website. These two sections are the key to joining and operating a class.

The software can be installed as follows.

On your computer, download the software using the download link. When you open the download page you will see a pop up asking what you want to do with Zoominstaller.exe – click on Run.

On your phone, tablet or iPad:

  • Go to the apple or android App Store and search for: Zoom Cloud meetings
  • Once you’ve downloaded it, open the app but do not click on Sign up. You do not need to create an account to participate.

If you want to use Zoom for personal use to contact grandchildren, then you do need to set up your free account.

Running Classes

Classes must be booked in advance to reserve a timeslot. The booking also sets up a web link that you mail out to your students. At the appointed time, the students click on the link in the email, and join the meeting.

Students joining the meeting can turn on their video camera and microphone, and then can converse with the Tutor or other members of the class. But a computer meeting works differently than if you are all in the same room. For starters, you cannot just chat to your friend like you might do in a real classroom. You can whisper into your friend’s ear in a classroom, but on Zoom, everyone will see and hear you.

Tutors will find teaching on a Zoom session different to a normal classroom as well. A tutor will do more domonstrating and explaining to all students than talking to individuals.

Students can join a meeting in their pyjamas. All you need to do is mute your video camera in Zoom. You can talk to, hear and see everyone else in the class, but they cannot see your dressing gown.