Fundraising – Sausage Sizzle – 17 May

We held a sausage sizzle fund raising event on Saturday 17 May at Bunnings Broadmeadows. We had plenty of volunteers to run the barbecue throughout the day. And the event raised a sizable amount of money, $1163 net profit. Thanks to Bunnings Broadmeadows for providing the barbecue equipment. Thanks also to all our volunteers, who are:

The Morning Crew

The Morning Crew

Gloria Chandler Julie Wheatley
Liz Munro Laurie Munro
Ann Druery John Druery
David Carroll
Margaret Allen Dick Radenkovic
Lorraine Neilson Boon Chan
Maureen Boyse Brian Banes
Anne de Gabrielle Harry Safstrom
Brenda Miller Choi Foong
Christine van Ross Fred van Ross
Evelyn Lazarus Peter Lazarus

Fundraising events are important to you, the membership of U3A. By raising funds from the community, we avoid raising our yearly fees. Hence we do you need every one of you to help out at two future sausage sizzle events.

More photos here.