Classes Recommencing

Most of our classes will recommence on 1 February 2021. Commencement and class sizes will depend on the latest State Government and Hume Council regulations at that time.

At GPCC, the room size limits are posted on each door. They are: White room, 32; Green room, 26; Yellow room, 36; Basketball court: 40. There is also QR code to be scanned with your mobile phone.

The Cook n Dine held monthly at Lynda Blundell is suspended until further notice.

At Lynda Blundell, U3A Hume has been allocated Friday afternoon from 1.00 PM to 5.00 PM. Hence there will be no Tuesday Fun Fitness class. Thursday’s Chair Aerobics has been shifted to Friday at 1.00 PM. Friday Line Dancing is now running at 1:45 PM to 3:30 PM

There are no computer classes at the HGLC for all of term 1. In their place, we are planning to run Monday morning and afternoon classes at GPCC. You will need to bring your own laptops to class.

Membership Fees

At the AGM held on Tuesday november 10, 2020, it was decided that memberships for current members at that date would have their memberships extended until the end of 2021. So if you were an active member last year, the fees you paid last year are applied to your 2021 membership. You will remain an active member, and your 2021 membership fee is $0.00 (zero dollars).

If your membership was not active through 2020, then you will need to pay the usual membership fees of $45 etc.