Covid-19 Activities

ABC iView: Arts on Stage

ABC iView has released a number of concerts for you to enjoy at home. Here are some titles: Plays: Geoffrey Atherden’s Liberty Equality FraternityDavid Williamson’s Emerald CityMary Rachel Brown’s The Dapto Chaser Ballet: The Australian Ballet presents La SylphideGraeme Murphy’s Romeo and Juliet, performed by The Australian Ballet Orchestral Music: Beethoven Symphony No.5: Australian Chamber […]

Why the Coronavirus is so Confusing

A guide to making sense of a problem that is now too big for any one person to fully comprehend. Ed Yong, science writer, writes in The Atlantic Magazine (US) about the Coronavirus. It is a long article and covers the virus, research, information, interpreting numbers, the experts, and much more.

U3A Network Victoria Newsletters

Editions 5 to 9 U3A Victoria is issuing regular COVID-19 newsletters. The editions are listed here with a clickable link. Click on Edition 5. Click on Edition 6 Click on Edition 7. Click on Edition 8. Click on Edition 9. Click on Edition 10.

Covid-19 Posts

Check here for links to activities that our members might be interested in during the virus lockdown.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber will be streaming, free-of charge, one of his musicals for 48 hours every weekend, starting each Friday night. The first one, currently streaming, is a 2000 production of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat starring Donny Osmond, Joan Collins, and Richard Attenborough. It will be available to watch on the YouTube channel The […]