Covid-19 Activities

How to use Zoom for Virtual Classes

Tutors, some of your classes can resume on the Internet. Would you like your class to resume? There is an application called Zoom which can be used to stream video and audio to attendees. Your class can resume using the Internet and computer equipment. You can join an online class using your computer or iPad […]


U3A Network Victoria Newsletters

Editions 5 to 14 U3A Victoria is issuing regular COVID-19 newsletters. The editions are listed here with a clickable link. Click on Edition 5. Click on Edition 6 Click on Edition 7. Click on Edition 8. Click on Edition 9. Click on Edition 10. Click on Edition 11. Click on Edition 12. Click on Edition […]


Why the Coronavirus is so Confusing

A guide to making sense of a problem that is now too big for any one person to fully comprehend. Ed Yong, science writer, writes in The Atlantic Magazine (US) about the Coronavirus. It is a long article and covers the virus, research, information, interpreting numbers, the experts, and much more. Click here to read […]