ABC iView: Arts on Stage

ABC iView has released a number of concerts for you to enjoy at home. Here are some titles:


Geoffrey Atherden’s Liberty Equality Fraternity
David Williamson’s Emerald City
Mary Rachel Brown’s The Dapto Chaser


The Australian Ballet presents La Sylphide
Graeme Murphy’s Romeo and Juliet, performed by The Australian Ballet

Orchestral Music:

Beethoven Symphony No.5: Australian Chamber Orchestra
Tchaikovsky and Ravel: Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Australian World Orchestra and Sir Simon Rattle

How do I access iView?

iView is a streaming service, bringing ABC shows through the Internet to your computer or smart TV or your smart phone. Streaming means you can watch shows that you might have missed when they were scheduled on ABC TV.

Access to iView is free. But you do need to set up an account at ABC iView.

You can then click on any of the TV series, old news or discussions, or the special shows listed above to play them. Another advantage of a streaming service is that you can pause the show at any time, go get a cup of tea, come back and continue. Or you can stop watching and continue tomorrow.

If your TV is a recent model, a so-called smart TV, then it has the ability to connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable plugged in the back, or via WiFi in your house. There are Apps in the TV that connect to iView or SBS On-demand. The account you set up on the Internet previously must be linked to the App on the TV as well.

Ask your children or grandchildren for assistance in setting this all up.